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International Women's Day event - 8th March 2021

Lockdown is tough!

Between home schooling, working from home, every meal eaten at home, gyms closed, hairdressers closed and no nights out with friends or networking events to share experiences, we’re all in need of getting together and shining up our super.

We can’t get together in person this International Women’s Day like we did last year when 65 of us gathered for lunch at the Classroom but we can still celebrate this important day together on Zoom. Most of us are finding it a struggle to carve out time for ourselves at the moment, so on this International Women’s Day we’re inviting you to take time to breathe and join one or more of four different fabulous sessions we have lined up for you that focus on wellbeing, fitness and self-care. This International Women’s Day with Superwoman is about making time for you.

The sessions on Monday 8th March 2021 are:


Laura Prosser and Cara Lovett previously owned and ran Atlantic Way CrossFit and decided during the first lockdown to move their business online to HomeTrain, providing a huge range of fitness sessions ideally suited to busy mums who want to keep fit but have to juggle it around children and work. Their MoveAlong programme helps women return to fitness and training and Laura Prosser is running a MoveAlong session especially for us. All fitness levels will be able to take part – the aim is just to remind us all how good exercise endorphins feel and how they contribute such a lot to our well being - so join us bright and early for this session which will be finished in time to start work or home schooling.


Andrea is founder of InspireMe and a Voice and Confidence coach. As an autoimmune disease negotiator with 2 thriving businesses, 2 children and a second chance saloon relationship, Andrea’s learnt the hard way that Self Care is a game changer when it comes to personal and professional success.

In her Superwoman International Women’s day virtual keynote, she’s going to bust some myths, open some eyes and hopefully show you how to get on the self-care train too. And by the way - it’s not all bubble baths and spas! Self-care for real women who are busy and on it…….is a totally different concept!

2.30pm – HEALTH AND HER award winning menopause experts.

Doctors Vicky Hobbs and Heidi Kerr, will discuss during this session managing menopause symptoms with a busy life and career. There will be a question and answer session to follow. An invaluable session for anyone who has questions about menopause – whether you are approaching menopause age yourself or have colleagues, friends or family members who are.


Karen McGrath, yoga teacher is running a Yin yoga session specially for us. Yin yoga is a style that targets joints and connective tissue and sees us holding poses longer than the traditional active moving poses where we tend to engage more muscles – known as a yang practice. Thus, to every yang there is a yin: the nature of balance.

It is considered to be relaxing and soothing, in that a comfortable pose is held for an extended period of time while the breath is used to help still and calm mind and body. This period of non-activity can help to release stress and create a zen like quality similar to meditation, hence the perception of rest and relaxation.

The challenge is to be able to find such stillness in minds and bodies that are often busy, busy, busy!! Avoiding the desire to fidget and keeping the mind from distraction can be much harder than anticipated.

But the rewards are many...offering the opportunity to enjoy a rejuvenating and grounding practice that has tremendous benefits for body, mind and soul. A chance to nourish your inner self with a slow paced and passive practice, that’s either seated or lying. No need to push yourself or force into fancy positions, instead the emphasis is on finding a natural release within the body. No fancy kit is required and yes, it’s possible to do Yin in your PJs and on a towel if you don’t have a yoga mat.

If anyone is interested but has queries as to their ability to safely join in, please contact Karen on 07950 569880 or email info@youryogacardiff.co.uk

All four sessions will be accessed via zoom and we will provide codes for each event.

The events themselves are FREE TO JOIN but we invite everyone who attends to mark this International Women’s Day by making a donation to Noah's Ark's Breathe Easy Appeal, a nurse led non invasive treatment for children with breathing difficulties, which we feel fits well with the theme of our sessions. Feel good and do good on IWD2021.


If you are interested in attending then please contact Caroline at carolinehazell@thompsondarwin.com and we will put your name down, and send out some more information nearer the time.

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